A Change Would Do You Good

Recently, I was reminded AGAIN of how the world is changing. For years, I have enjoyed reading Sports Illustrated. I have been a regular subscriber for some time. But last year, I canceled my subscription and decided to read the issue available in the library.
But I decided to subscribe again.. to the digital edition. After I did I downloaded some issues but noticed that some weeks were missing. Then I found out Sports Illustrated is changing… they don’t do a weekly issue any more… they do a monthly issue. As I thought about that I was reminded again of how much the world is changing.
Now this example is small… in the big scheme of things, it’s not a big deal that Sports Illustrated is not a monthly magazine. There are lots bigger fish to fry in the world. But it is another reminder of how the world is changing.
Not far from our house, Regions has closed a branch that I used regularly. Now, I have to drive to the other side of town. Or, I can deposit a check using my mobile device which I do at times. I liked using that branch that was close to my house… but it really doesn’t matter what I like… the branch is now closed.
All around us change is happening and we can either accept the change and learn how to take advantage of it or, we can fight it. But it does no good to fight it… the change will win.
Proverbs 9:6 says, “Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live…” Those words stood out to me this morning… “Leave your simple ways behind…” Maybe you are fighting change… resisting change. You are clinging to a way that you have done it for years. You may even reason, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
This world has changed. We can adjust to it or fight it. Change is not bad. Yes, it may take some time to learn new ways.. to adjust… but it can be a good thing.
John Maxwell has said regarding change;
“People change when they hurt so much that they have to change,
Learn enough they want to change,
Receive enough that they are able to change.”
May each one of us learn enough and receive enough that we are able to change.
As Cheryl Crow sings, “A change would do you good.”

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