“Nothing But Leaves”

Have you ever known someone who talked a mean game? Someone who loves to name drop or, someone who likes to make you think they are more than the are? They like to boast a lot about their accomplishments?
In Matthew 21, Jesus was returning to Jerusalem and as he did, he noticed a fig tree. He stopped to look at the tree and noticed there was nothing but leaves. At this point, he cursed the fig tree and said “May it never bear fruit again.”
That tree reminded Jesus of the nation of Israel; they had rejected Him as their Messiah. They thought they were Godly people. But instead, they were fake… They were like the barren fig tree… “nothing but leaves.”
What about us? Do we talk a good game leading the world to believe we are Godly people when instead, we are, like the fig tree, “nothing but leaves?”
We should all think about our Christian lives. Putting a bumper sticker on our car telling the world we are a Christian does no good if we aren’t living the faith. Being able to quote lots of Scripture verses does no good if we aren’t living the faith.
As the world observes us… are we real? Are we legit Christians?
Are our lives marked by love? Do we live out our faith? Or, we are judgmental and mean-spirited? Are we moved with compassion and help others as the Lord leads? Do we have a desire to know God more and we spend time in His word?
If our lives are marked by these things, then our faith is real and the fruit of the Spirit is evident in our lives.
Let’s live the Christian life in a manner that our lives produce fruit, as opposed to being barren like the fig tree.

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