Procrastination: Another Night With The Frogs

Procrastination means putting something off until tomorrow something that could be done today. Most of us have procrastinated at some point. Some of us may be worse about this than others. There are some things that procrastinating about isn’t a big deal. But there are others that it would be a mistake for us to procrastinate about.
In Exodus 8, the Lord has sent a plague of frogs across the land. Frogs have covered the land. They are everywhere. If you use your imagination, picture an Egyptian home and picture frogs everywhere. You could hear some lady asking her husband to do something about the frogs! And the husband may respond, “What do you expect me to do? I can’t kill them. There are too many!”
Pharoah sent for Moses. Pharoah tells Moses to make the frogs go away. Moses says he will do it and then he asks, when Pharoah wants the frogs gone? You would think Pharoah would have said something like, “Yesterday…” Or, “enough already, get rid of the frogs now!”
Instead, Pharoah said, “tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow…” Pharoah tells Moses to get rid of the frogs the next day! So, that night, all across Egypt, the people spent another night with the frogs.
Is there something you been putting off? Something you should have already done but you have procrastinated and haven’t done it?
Maybe you need to begin exercising… but you continue to put it off.
Maybe you need to begin reading your Bible..
Maybe there is someone you need to talk to.
Don’t continue to put it off. Take action!
Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay, but time will not.”
Don’t continue to procrastinate. Take action today.

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