“If You Have Faith… You Can Move Mountains”

“If you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain ‘move from here to there’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible with God.”
You are likely familiar with that verse. But what does it mean. Does it mean if we simply have enough faith, we can tell any mountain to move and it will move? No, it doesn’t. So what does it mean?
Jesus has just healed a boy who is demon-possessed. The boys Father had brought him to the disciples but they couldn’t cast it out. Jesus said they couldn’t cast him out because they didn’t have enough faith.
Ok, let’s be honest; Jesus would have said the same thing to me and to most of us. I admit that I struggle with faith at times. And you likely do as well.
This is what I believe the verse means. First, it’s not a general command. It’s not like we can pick anything… any challenge… any mountain.. and say “be moved.” For example,   I let’s say we didn’t care for Stone Mountain (I like Stone Mountain but someone may note).. we couldn’t just say “Lord, move Stone mountain.” In the Bible… there are ties when things are said “metaphorically.” The prophets spoke of mountains being moved. The idea was that no challenge was too great for God.
But, there is a task… a challenge… that God has put on our hearts, if we believe in the power of God and begin to work and don’t give up, it can happen.
The late Robert Schuller built his ministry on this principle. He believed in “Possibility Thinking.” He believed nothing was impossible with God. He even developed what is is known as “the possibility thinkers creed.” It is,
“When faced with a mountain
I will not quit.
I will keep on striving
until I climb over,
find a pass through,
tunnel underneath
or simply stay and
turn the mountain into a gold mine!
With God’s helping hand!”

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