God Wants To Make You A National Champion.

Change…it can be tough but the rewards are great. Let me use LSU as an example. I promise there is a spiritual lesson here…:)

Last night LSU won the National Championship in football. They went undefeated and Joe Burrow, their QB, won the Heisman. Some have said they are the best team in history.

Someone who doesn’t normally follow college football could watch that game last night and assume LSU has been playing like that for years. But those of us who have followed for years, know differently.

Just four-five years ago, LSU was a grind-it-out offensive style team. They were known for running the ball. They had trouble developing good QB’s. So they ran the ball. And they ran the ball. and they ran the ball. You could just about predict the first play of a game – it would be a toss-dive. LSU seemed to be stuck in the past on offense.

But they got a new Coach, Ed Orgeron, and he decided to change the offense. He recruited a young man, Joe Burrow, a grad transfer from Ohio State, to be his QB. He hired a young Coach, Joe Brady to be the passing game coordinator and this year, LSU averaged scoring 40 points a game with the new offense. This was the same team whom, in the past, was known for a grind-it-out style of play…three yards and a cloud-of-dust. Now, that same team is throwing the ball all over the field and they are national champions.

LSU is National Champions because they were willing to change. And the change worked.

There is a National Champion in you. You are unique but maybe God wants you to make some changes. Maybe you are resisting. God wants to make you a national champion if you are willing to change some things.

The Bible says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold, all is new.” (II Cor. 5:17).

God made us. We have our own DNA. No one else is like us and God wants to make us National Champions.

Someone has said, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”

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