Dealing With Tough Circumstances

Almost four years ago, Holli and I went into a time of uncertainty. For four years we have tried to adjust to some different circumstances. And I admit, I didn’t adjust well.

I was angry…bitter…mad at the world. It took the Lord three-and-one half years to purge me and He is still purging.

I’m not proud of how I responded. I simply didn’t handle my circumstances well. What about you? Has life thrown you a curve-ball?

This past Saturday, Steve Ensminger was thrown a major curve-ball. Just prior to LSU playing Oklahoma he was informed that his daughter-in-law died tragically in a plane crash. No one would have blamed him if he had said, Coach, I need to be with my family. I can’t coach the game.” Instead, he said to Coach O, “we will get through this.” Then, he went out and coached LSU to victory.

After the game, Coach Joe Brady said of Coach Ensminger; “I can’t fathom it… I can’t think of what he was able to do today with the circumstances.”

Circumstances…they are not always the best. When life is good, we are good. When our circumstances are good, we are good. But what if our circumstances aren’t good? How do we respond.

Joe Brady is a young guy. I have not spoken with him but I guessing Steve Ensminger made an impression on him. Steve Ensminger may have taught the young, up and coming Joe Brady how to handle adversity. Life isn’t always a bed of roses. And when it’s not, you dig deep and with the help of the Lord, you push through.

Are you going through some tough circumstances? If so, know that God loves you and will give you strength. The Lord told the apostle Paul, “My Grace is sufficient for thee.” His Grace is sufficient for us as well.

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