Don’t Let Pride Be Your Downfall

Pride is the downfall of humanity. When a person is filled with pride, they won’t surrender their lives to the Lord. When a person is filled with pride, they refuse to acknowledge that God exists. When a person is filled with pride they refused to ask the Lord for help. The person thinks they can solve their problems… they don’t need help from any divine being, or so they think. I knew an individual who is rather prideful.  Another person said of this individual, “They are so cocky they could strut sitting down.” Lots of people are like that.
Psalm 138:6 says, “Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble, but he keeps his distance from the proud.” God keeps his distance from the proud. The person that is filled with pride, has no room for God.
So, if this is the case, how does a prideful person ever become a Christian? They have to be humbled to the point where they realize there is a God and they need His direction in their lives. Chuck Colson is one example of this. He was the “hatchet man” in the Nixon administration but he was convicted during the Watergate scandal. The Ivy-league educated Colson was humbled during his imprisonment and he believed in Christ. Sometimes, God has to knock the stuffing or the pride out of a person to get their attention.
In the Beatitudes, Jesus said humility was the first step in the Christian life. Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek…” So today, humble yourself before the Lord. Don’t think so highly of yourself that you think you can solve all your problems. Pride got Lucifer kicked out of heaven.
The Christmas story is a great example of humility. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, left heaven and came to earth. He emptied Himself of His divinity to become man. In the same way that Jesus emptied Himself, we must empty ourselves before the Lord.

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