Do You Need To Grow Up?

Last night I made a post about my conversation with Peyton, my grand-son. The conversation was about pacifiers.
We were going to meet Robert and Lauren with the boys. Cooper starts crying… Holli tells me that he may need his paccy. So, I look over and get his passy and give it to him. Crying stops… problem solved.
Then, talking to Holli I asked, “Why do babies need pacifiers?”
My wife says, “because it makes them think there Mom is nursing them.”
Well, Peyton, the 2 1/2 year old hears all this and says, “Cause we need paccies.”
I thought, “Wow… didn’t know you were listening.”
So then, I asked my grandson, “Why do you need paccies..” and he responds, “Cause it helps us sleep.” Pretty smart little dude.
So now, I’m going to have some fun and I say, “What if I get one?”
Peyton chuckles and says, “No! You are a Poppa!”
My little buddy is pretty smart.
But let’s imagine something… imagine an adult riding down the road or sitting in a room sucking on a pacifier. Now, someone is thinking, “Don’t be ridiculous!”
I’m not being ridiculous! Think about it; There are some folks who have not matured much… who need to grow up… You may be around some of these folks at Christmas!
For that matter, churches can be full of people sucking on pacifiers. If a person hasn’t grown much as a Christian, Paul said they are “babes in Christ.”
All of us need to take a moment and look in the mirror. What do we see? Do we see someone that needs to grow up? Age doesn’t matter here. There could be someone who is in their fifties, or sixties or even seventies who needs to grow up.
Maybe you need to grow up and take some responsibility.
Maybe you need to grow up and stop using something as an excuse.
Maybe you need to grow up and stop looking to others for help.
I would look kind of silly driving down the road with a pacifier in my mouth and so would you. Pacifiers are for babies. As Peyton told me, “You are a Poppa!”
Maybe today we need to realize we are adults and it’s past time for us grow up in some areas of life.


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