Three Witnesses For The Existence Of Christ

      The Christmas season is here and in a few weeks, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. But, for many people, Christmas is simply about parties, shopping and family gatherings. Some do not even believe that Jesus exists.
      Lee Strobel was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and an atheist. Years ago he set out to prove that Jesus didn’t exist. But, instead of proving Jesus didn’t exist, He became convinced of the presence of Christ and wrote a book called “The Case For Jesus.”
So, how do you convince someone that Jesus does indeed, exist? In the book of I John, the apostle John said that three things witness to the presence of Jesus; the spirit, water and blood. What do these things mean?
      John was refuting the teachings of a man named Cerinthus. Cerinthus taught that the divine came on Jesus at His baptism but left Him before His crucifixion. If this were true, it would mean that Jesus didn’t provide salvation for us. But, John proves that is not true.
      In I John 5, the apostle John states that the presence of Jesus was witnessed to by the Spirit, the water and the blood. What did John mean by this? Well, the Spirit witnessed to the presence of Jesus in the Old Testament as the prophets and John the Baptist predicted Messiah would come. The water witnessed to the presence of Jesus at Jesus’ baptism and the blood witnessed to it through Jesus death on the cross.
      So, the existence of Jesus was witnessed to by the spirit, the water and the blood. Jesus Christ was a living person. He came to this earth and was born of of a virgin. Now someone may say, “Come on man; babies aren’t born unless someone has sex… Do you really believe Jesus mother was a virgin?”
      Yes I do… the Bible says it happened and I believe it.
      “But,” someone may say, “that can’t happen… when a lady has sex, she is no longer a virgin.”
      And, that person is right… from a physical perspective it cannot happen but, from a spiritual perspective it can. It’s called a miracle.
      “But,” a person may say, “Come on… do you really believe in miracles?”
      Yes I do… I believe they happened and can still happen. A miracle doesn’t have to be something dramatic. Every day surgeries are performed that were not possible years ago. So yes, I believe in the miraculous.
      Jesus Christ is real. He is not a figment of someone’s imagination. He is real. He walked this earth… He healed people… fed people… taught people.. and ultimately, gave His life on the cross. We celebrate His birth this Christmas.

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