Put Your Hope In The Lord

Everyone needs help from time-to-time. But where do we go for help?
Some may reach out to friends and they can be a great source for help. Others may look to their bank accounts for help. Others may reach out to family. But each one of those sources can fail us.
Psalms 121:1 says, “Where do I go for help? I go to the Lord.”
The Lord is always available to us. The Lord is available to is 24/7/365. And the Lord never lets us down.
In the tv mini-series “Lonesome Dove” Jake Spoon is a Texas Ranger who has seen Montana. Woodrow Call decides he wants to take a herd of cows to Montana and build a ranch. He is counting on Jake to show them the way. But Jake begins to waffle on going.
Woodrow asks Gus, another Ranger, if he thinks Jake will go. Gus says, “I think Jake is far too leaky a vessel to put much hope in.”
People can be leaky vessels which is why we should put our hope in the Lord.

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