Why Do Unbelievers Act As They Do?

Have you ever known someone who did some things that were absolutely wrong or believed some things that were wrong? You tried to talk to them but nothing worked? You simply couldn’t get through to them. You may not be able to change their minds. You may not be able to make a dent in their thinking. Why? Because either they aren’t a Christian or, they are a very immature Christian.

In I Peter 1:12, Peter says,”Don’t slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires. You didn’t know any better then.” Think about that verse…Peter says “you didn’t know any better..”. Meaning, they were very immature.

A Pastor that I know said once, “Don’t be surprised when unbelieving people act like unbelievers.” He’s right. This world has one set of values while Christians have another. Young, immature Christians haven’t matured very much and may do some ungodly things until the Spirit convicts them they are wrong.

Recently I shared a Bible verse with an unbeliever I know. This person dismissed the verse as if it was nothing. To them, it was nothing. But for me it is a verse that comes from a book that I try to live by.

So pray for your unbelieving friends or relatives that they will begin to understand the things of God better.

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