What Kind Of Life Are You Living?

“They are as old as Methusaleh!”
Have you ever heard someone say that?
If you have, it’s a reference to a man named Methusaleh in the Bible. Methusaleh was the son of Enoch. The only thing the Bible says about Methusaleh was that he lived a very long life. He lived seven-hundred-and-eighty-two yeas. That’s all that is said about him.
Now his father Enoch was a different story. The Bible says of Enoch, “He walked with God and he was not, for God took him.” So, Enoch was known as a man who walked with God. But Methusaleh was simply known as a man who lived a long life.
Think about that… Methusaleh lived a long time… a very long time, but what did he accomplish during all those years? What about us? How are we living our lives? What are we accomplishing?
In order for us to live a good, meaningful life, our lives should include..
Some depth. Methusaleh lived a long time… but did his life included any depth? By depth I mean some maturity. There is not a lot of depth in our society and, in our churches today. We are a video and youtube generation. We want to be entertained.           There is nothing wrong with some entertainment but a good and meaningful life is not just about entertainment. It should have some depth. What about our lives? Is there any depth? Are we growing as Christians?
Secondly, there should be some breadth. Breadth comes from having good relationships with family and friends. Some of the happier moments we experience is time spent with friends. However, make sure your friends are adding to your life and not diminishing it. There is an old adage that says three years from now we will be the same people we are now except for the books we read and the friends we have.
But also our lives should include height. Height refers to our relationship with God. What is your relationship with God like? If you are a believer, that should one of the most important things in your life. Are you studying God’s word? Are you trying to live more of a Christ-like life?
When our lives are over, people will remember us? What will they say? For us to live full and meaningful lives, our lives should have some depth, breadth and height as opposed to just longevity.
Jesus Christ only lived thirty-three years.. but He accomplished more than anyone in history. Let’s strive to live for the Lord and live full and meaningful lives.

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