If You Are Going To Talk The Talk You Need To Walk The Walk

“If you are gonna talk the talk, you ‘gotta walk the walk.”
Ever heard anyone say that? Likely you have.. I have.. numerous times.
Several months ago, there was a young lady in the gym that I noticed worked out regularly. I asked her what she did? I forget what she told me but it was something to do with health and fitness. Then she said, “If you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk.” In other words, her job required her to be fit so, working out for her was “walking the walk.”
Christians should “walk the walk” as well. In James 2, the Bible talks about “faith and works.” James said “some people have faith; others have good deeds…” Then he added, “How can you show me your faith if you don’t have good deeds.. I will show you my faith by my good deeds.”
The idea of “faith and works” has been an issue Christians have debated for years. In the Christian faith, we become believers by faith… we believe in Jesus and He forgives us of our sins…
But, let’s say someone “believes” in Christ… should there belief become good works? Sure it should! If you and I are Christians… we believe in Christ, our belief should lead us to certain behaviors.
It’s like this… let’s say someone says “Man, I believe in education… Education is the key to anyone’s success. I only vote for people who are “pro” education.”
Then, someone asks, “Where do your kids go to school?”
The person replies, “Well, my kids don’t go to school… And I don’t home-school them either.”
The other person says, “But you said you believe in education..”
The individual says, “You are right… I believe… I just don’t do anything about it.”
That person is obviously a hypocrite. But, the same can be true of Christians. We can say we believe in Jesus but if it doesn’t change our lives.. we are . hypocrites.
Now, someone may say, “Wait a minute… you aren’t saved by works…” And you are right… we aren’t saved by works but, our lives should automatically produce works due to our faith in Christ.
Faith without works is dead… And folks, I DO NOT want to be judgmental here, but there is lots of dead faith out there. PLEASE HEAR ME; YOU CAN SAY YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN… BUT IF YOUR LIFE ISN’T AT LEAST SOMEWHAT LIKE JESUS… YOU NEED TO EVALUATE YOUR FAITH.
Christians should be loving, kind, giving, honest, compassionate… We should have the desire to worship and study God’s word. Those things should be evident in our lives. If they aren’t, we need to evaluate our faith.
Lots of people state that they are a Christian… if you’re going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.

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