Your Dry Bones Can Live

Have you ever visited a cemetery? Or, maybe you refer to it as a “graveyard.” Cemeteries can be interesting. When I walk through one, I like to read the epitaphs on the tombstones. Some can be very interesting.
Well, let’s imagine that you are taking a walk and you could upon an open area. And, all across the open area there are bones. The bones likely represent the lives of warriors who died on battle years before.
Now, let’s imagine that the Lord speaks to you and says, “Can these bones live?”
Ok, you are likely thinking, “Lord, you know.. they look like bones to me… I’ve never bones come to life but hey, you are God so, I guess they could.”
Then, all of a sudden you see these bones coming to life and they begin to form the skeletons of people. Then, after people are formed, the Lord breathes into them and they come to life. Pretty wild scene, right? Sounds like something out of a movie.
Well, that’s exactly what happened in Ezekiel 37. The prophet Ezekiel was shown a valley of bones and the Lord asked him if those bones could come to life? Ezekiel replied, “Yes, Lord.” So, Ezekiel watched as the bones came to life.
Then, he watched as the Lord breathed into the bones life.
The reason for this was God was demonstrating that if these bones could live, Israel would one day live again as well.
Think about the bones… they may represent us spiritually. Maybe you are a believer but, if you are honest, you don’t have much life. You are kind of going through the motions spiritually.
The Lord wants to bring you to life and can bring you to life through the presence of His Holy Spirit. But the decision is yours. The Lord will not force you to do this… He makes the Spirit available but the rest is up to you.
So, does your Christian life represent a valley of bones? Are you drying up spiritually? If so, the Lord can bring you back to life. The Lord can restore you spiritually. Your dry bones can live if you ask the Lord to breathe life into you today.
Let’s go back to our visit to the cemetery. Just as those old dry bones can live, yours can as well.

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