Be Wise To Satan’s Deception

Yesterday we looked at Genesis 3 which tells how sin came into the world. Adam and Eve ate the fruit they were told not to eat. As a result of this, sin came into the world.
After this, God calls for Adam and Eve and found that they were hiding because they were naked. They had been naked and hadn’t been ashamed until, they disobeyed God and sin came into the world.
God asks them “what happened?”
At this point, they act like all human beings and want to blame others. Adam says, “It was the woman’s fault… she gave me from the tree and I ate.”
Eve responds, “The serpent deceived me and I ate.”
“The serpent deceived me…” The serpent is still deceiving people. He told Adam and Eve they could do what they wanted to; they didn’t have to follow God’s instructions. Satan is still telling people that today.
Folks, let me simplify this; God has a plan for us and God’s plan is always best. God made us, God cares for us and God love us us. God’s way is always the best way. But Satan will try to deceive you.
Satan is still deceiving people today. Be careful and don’t fall for his deception.
Satan tries to deceive us into thinking that we can do what we want. We are each independent. We don’t need God in our lives .
Satan tries to deceive us to believe “if it feels good do it.” Doesn’t matter if it’s wrong… if it makes you happy, do it. But, our actions affect others and if our actions will hurt someone, we shouldn’t do it.
I could go on and on… there are lots of ways Satan attempts to deceive us. So, each one of us need to be on guard and wise to the deception of the serpent.

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