How Did Sin Enter The World And How Can It Be Forgiven?

Yesterday, there was another school shooting. This one in California. If you watched the news, you may have found yourself shaking your head and asking yourself, “How did the world get like this?”
Go back with me to Genesis 3. God had created Adam and Eve and had placed them in the garden of Eden. God told them they could eat of any of the trees in the garden except, the tree of life.
Well, along comes Satan disguised as a snake. He points out the tree and asks Adam why doesn’t he take the fruit from that tree? Adam tells Satan that fruit is forbidden.
Satan says, “No, it’s not forbidden… if you want it, take it; do what you want to do… you don’t need to listen to God.” So, Adam and Eve took of the fruit and that is when sin came into the world. God had said, “Don’t take it,” but they took it; they disobeyed God.
Let me make this clear; Sin is disobedience to God. Every sin that is committed goes back to this… it is disobedience to God.
And, because all of us are descendants of Adam and Eve we all come into the world as sinners. I have two grand-sons; Peyton and Cooper. Like any grand-parent, I think they are perfect. But, both of them are sinners. They are descendants of Adam and Eve and they committed the first sin.
So, man has a problem… he is a sinner and he’s separated from God. How can man solve his problem? Man needs a Savior; someone to save him from his sins. And that’s who Jesus is. Jesus is man’s Savior. Jesus loves us.
Go back with me to the garden… the Bible says that when God confronted Adam and Eve about their sin, God demonstrated mercy and made garments of skin for Adam and Eve.
God demonstrates the same mercy to us. We are all sinners and there is nothing we can do about our sin. God knew that and put His Son Jesus on the cross. Jesus has paid the price for our sins.
So, we are all sinners.. and we are all in need of a Savior… and Jesus has done everything necessary for our sins to be forgiven. Jesus will forgive all of us today, if we will ask.

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