“The Fear Of The Lord”

“The fear of the Lord.”
You are likely familiar with that phrase. I’ve heard people say, “I put the fear of the Lord in them.” Normally, that statement is made by an adult who was sternly warning some children or teens things they were not supposed to do.
Psalms 111:10 says, “Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom.” What does the “fear of the Lord” mean?
It is a reverence for God.. What does it mean to have a reverence for God?
It means to acknowledge the existence of God. Yet, we live in a day were more and more people do not believe in God. If you don’t believe that God exists, why should you respect God?
It means to have a respect for the sacred… those are the Bible and the house of God. There is lots of Biblical illiteracy in our land. Even among Christians. I’m not saying a person has to be a Bible scholar… but there should be a desire to read God’s word and to grow as a Christian.
I believe respect grows out of “fear of the Lord.” Kids should be taught to respect their elders and have reverence for God. I have noticed when I substitute teach, kids talk while you are calling the roll. There are times when I have to tell kids to be quiet two or three times – just while I’m calling the roll! I’m 58, they are 15 or 16 or so… where is the respect for authority?
Now, maybe a reason there isn’t more of a fear of the Lord today is that our society teaches it’s wrong for someone to be afraid of God. “Fear of the Lord” may be associated with hell and brimstone preaching and that’s unpopular today. Years ago, pop star Madonna sang, “Poppa don’t preach.” Our culture doesn’t want to hear a sermon, they want affirmation. And, we do need to affirm but, that doesn’t negate the need for an understanding of the need for respect.
The Psalmist said the very foundation of wisdom… the foundation of all learning should be a “fear of the Lord.” We need to have reverence for Almighty God.

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