How Long Did It Take God To Create The Heavens And The Earth?

“How long did it take God to create the world?”
A non-believer asked me that recently.
Some people have questions/problems with the Christian faith because, in some areas, Christianity is opposed to science. There are things scientists have reached conclusions on that differ with some interpretations of Scripture and this causes problems for some non-believers and maybe some believers. So, how do you deal with the conflict between the Christian faith and some scientific conclusions.
I do not intend to go deeply into the scientific conclusions in this post so if you are looking for that, this post isn’t for you. But, I have no problem with science.
My Dad was a science teacher. There were some interpretations of the Bible he questioned because those interpretations differed from scientific conclusions. He and I were talking once and he said, “I believe… I just don’t believe some of things I’ve heard preached in sermons.” I agree with him.
For instance, how long did it take God to create the heavens and earth? Some have insisted on six literal, twenty-four-hour days. They insist on that because the Bible refers to “days” in the first chapter of Genesis. But, the Hebrew word for “day” could mean a period of time. That’s the interpretation I feel most comfortable with.
Instead of God creating everything in twenty-four hours, I believe it happened over years… periods of time. Now, someone may say, “I disagree with that. That Bible says ‘day.'” You are right; but, again, that word ‘day’ can mean period of time.
But, let me ask another question… does it really matter how long creation took? No, it doesn’t. I mean, if it took a gazillion years, what difference does it make? God still did it. And it doesn’t diminish the power of God one iota if it took longer than we have been accustomed to believing.
What can happen and what has happened here is, some preacher insists on twenty-four hour days and someone else believes in periods of time. I’ve known people that will make you feel like you don’t believe the Bible if you don’t agree with their interpretation and that is wrong.
Folks, none of us were with God when He spoke the worlds into order. None of us can say definitively how long it took. But, we know God did it so, let’s leave it there.
Without question, God created the heavens and the earth. That is a foundational truth. Someone may even say, “Ok, what about the big bang theory?” I don’t have a problem with the big bang but, I believe God caused the bang.
God created everything. He loves us and cares for us and with the same power that He created the heavens and the earth, God cares for us today.

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