When We Believe In Christ – What Happens When Sin Again?

Can a person who is a believer lose their salvation? That’s a question that is asked at times. Can someone who was a believer but at some point in life says, “I don’t believe in         Christ any longer,” can that person lose their salvation?
First, let’s deal with the security of our salvation. The Bible teaches what is known as “the security of the believer” or, as some would put it, “once saved always saved.” That means that once a person sincerely believes in Christ and they ask Him for forgiveness of sins, they will never lose their salvation.
In Hebrews 10, the Bible says that the under the old covenant, the priest stood before the alter every day offering sacrifices. But, Jesus, our High Priest, offered himself to God as a single sacrifice for our sins, good for all time.
So, Jesus died once; when we believe in Christ for forgiveness of sins, we do that once. We are redeemed of our sins and we don’t have to be redeemed again.
Now, someone may ask, “Ok, what about the person who at one point believed but then later said they don’t believe?”
To my knowledge, no one in the New Testament did this so there is not an example to cite. I believe… and this is just my belief… that this is where God’s grace comes in. If a person sincerely believes in Jesus at some point in their lives, that person has been redeemed and you can’t “unredeem” someone. “But,” someone may say, “suppose that person says ‘I don’t believe in God any longer?'”
I believe they are still a believer. But, let’s go a little deeper; what led the person to say they didn’t believe any longer? Many times, it’s due to disappointments in life. Maybe a family member died tragically. Maybe someone became very ill and passed away. Maybe this person prayed for God to do something and it seemed like the prayer didn’t work. If that happens, this individual could begin to think, “How can I believe in a God who doesn’t answer my prayers?” And, they would say, “I don’t believe any longer.”
I personally believe this is where God’s grace over-rules their doubts and this person is still a believer.
If you have asked Christ to save you, you are redeemed. “But,” someone asks, “What happens if I sin again?”
It’s not a matter of “IF I sin again..” You will sin. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t saved any longer.
“We are saved from the penalty of sin (death and hell);
We are being saved from the power of sin (temptation);
We will be saved from the presence of sin (heaven).
So, just because you believe in Christ doesn’t mean you won’t ever sin again… you will, but you ask forgiveness of your sins and move on.
So, when you believe in Christ, your sins are forgiven. Thank the Lord for a gracious God!

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