Questions About God

All of us, at times, have questions.
And, lots of people have questions about the Christian faith.
It’s ok to have questions… There is nothing wrong with it. We don’t have to think that        God is going to be angry with us if we have questions.
A friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to try to answer some questions people have about faith. I told her I would. Then, she put this idea on a webpage and got a pretty good bit of good response. So, I’m thinking about how to meet that need.
But let’s talk about questions. In the past, at times, Christians could be discouraged from asking questions. Like, someone may ask, “Where did Cain’s wife come from?” and you may be told “We don’t know… don’t worry about that now, just run along.” But, the question never was answered.
There is nothing wrong with asking questions. It’s not a sign that your faith is weak or that you aren’t a Christian or anything of the kind . A question is just a question.. and the person asking just wants to know.
Holli is teaching a Sunday School class and there is one couple who has a grandson who is a very intelligent young man. He evidently has questions about the Christian faith and at the current time, has little to no interest in going to church. Lots of people are like him.
However, this is something significant about questions; There are things in the Bible that we have questions about but, in the end, many of the things we have questions about it really don’t matter.
The Bible is not a science-book.
The Bible is not a mathematics text-book.
The Bible is a book that tells us about God’s love. It tells us that God created the heavens and the earth and made man. Man sinned and because of that, as punishment for his sin, man will one day die. Man could not redeem himself so God sent His Son to this earth. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind. If anyone, and I mean, ANYONE, will believe in Jesus… their sins can be forgiven and they can be given eternal life. That is the essence of the gospel story.
So, if you have questions, that’s fine but, don’t let your questions about perhaps something that in the end, really doesn’t matter, keep you from believing God.
Abraham Lincoln once said to a skeptic; “Take all that you can of this book upon reason, and the balance on faith, and you will live and die a happier man.” (When a skeptic expressed surprise to see him reading a Bible)

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