What Are You Passionate About?

What are you passionate about? What is something you will make time for?
Yesterday, Holli and I drove to Elijay, Ga to look at fall foliage. We stopped at our normal stop, Panorama Orchard. In the back of the building, there was a blue-grass group singing. When we got there they were just finishing their show.
I watched as they began packing up their equipment. There were four men and one lady. As they packed up, I thought that these people had essentially given up a Sunday afternoon to play bluegrass music. And, if they were paid anything, it wasn’t much. So, they play music because they love it. It’s likely a hobby for them. They are passionate about it.
That led me to thinking about what we are passionate about.
Recently I watched a show about a man who started a magazine. The man was completely dedicated to the success of the magazine. The magazine did great but, the man lost his family in the process. I have noticed that many people who are successful are so dedicated to their work that it often leads to divorce or even health problems.
So, we all should ask ourselves what we are passionate about? This bluegrass group was passionate about making music. So passionate that they gave up a Sunday afternoon to do it.
As Christians, our passion should be Jesus. D.L. Moody once said, “The world has never seen what God can dod with one man completely dedicated to Him. By God’s grace, I will be that man!”

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