Receiving Constructive Criticism

Has anyone ever told you, “I want to give you some constructive criticism?” If they say that, we may take a deep breath and think, “Oh boy, what are they about to say?”

No one likes criticism. But “constructive” criticism is intended to be good. It’s supposed to help us…if we receive it right. I had someone give me constructive criticism recently and it has re-considering some things.

Proverbs 25:12 says “To one who listens, valid criticism is like a gold earring or other gold jewelry.”

Notice he says, “to the one who listens…” We may receive constructive criticism but not listen if we are insecure.

I’ve received lots of criticism over the years. It comes with the turf of being a Pastor. I had an older Pastor tell me this once; He said, “when people give me criticism I ask the Lord, ‘should I receive this?’” “Then, “ he continued, “ I receive what I need to hear and toss the rest aside.”

So maybe you have received some criticism. Maybe it offended you and possibly hurt you. Ok, settle down and ask the Lord if there is any truth in what was said? If it is, make corrections. If not, set it aside and move on.

Constructive criticism can help you…if you receive it correctly.

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