Back in the early 80’s I was a Music and Youth Director at a church in southwest Mississippi. I was young and had lots of rough edges. But those people were very patient with me and allowed me to grow up. They were patient with me.
Do you struggle with patience? If so, join the club. I do as well…lots of us do.
I am doing better but I still struggle with it.
I do not like to wait in line at the grocery store. In fact, if my line is long I will look for a shorter line and run get in it at times. I just don’t like waiting. I’m not saying this is good…but it is what it is.
In I Thessalonians 5, the apostle Paul said, “Be patient with everyone.”
You may have a child that is TRYING your patience. Or, a colleague at work or a neighbor. As Christians, we should be patient.
Someone is saying, “Ok, what if you reach a point where your patience has run out? What then? There does come a time when perhaps patience has been exhausted but we shouldn’t be hasty with that.
There may be someone who is trying our patience. I mean, we may even say, “ They are getting on my last nerve.” Ask the Lord for patience.
There are times when a Coach picks maybe a young kid to be his Quarterback. The kid has talent but is young and has some growing to do. The kid makes rookie mistakes. So the Coach talks to the kid and says, “Listen, you are my Quarterback. I know you are growing. I know you will make mistakes. But I’m going to stick with you.” What he’s saying is, “Son, I’m going to be patient with you.”
If you are having trouble with patience, think about how much patience the Lord has had with us. It’s a lot because we’ve all made mistakes.
Ask the Lord for the strength to be patient.

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