“Your Name Is On Their Lips But You Are FAR From Their Hearts”

“Your name is on their lips but you are far from their hearts.” (Jeremiah 12:2).
That verse jumped off the page at me this morning… It’s a strong verse.. The prophet Jeremiah is talking about the people of Judah. They had disobeyed the Lord and Jeremiah was warning them to repent and return to God.
And he says to the Lord, “Your name is on their lips but you are FAR from their hearts.” Friends, that is a picture of Christians in the United States of America. We talk a mean game… but where is the proof that we are living for Christ?
Most of my posts are of the encouraging nature. This one is a word of challenge.
I am a Christian and so are many of you who will read this. We believe in the Lord Jesus. We believe in and read the Bible and accept it by faith. We love to post things on social media about our faith. We love to say things like, “God is good… all the time, God is good.”
But where is the PROOF of our faith.
Is it in weekly worship? No. Church attendance is down across the country.
What about giving? Is it in giving? No. Offerings have been down for some time.
What about winning people to faith in Christ? No.. we are winning fewer and fewer people to faith in Christ.
So, where is the proof of our faith?
Is it in our relationships with our fellow man? While there are some bright spots, the fact is, we are living in a country where lines seem to be drawn and we can’t love one another for hating one another and criticizing one another.
What about helping our fellow man? We are doing a decent job there but you know and I know we should do much better.
Is it in our politics? Lots of people seem to think so. I saw a picture of a man on social media recently who was wearing a t-shirt that read, “I vote Jesus and Republican” as if the two were one and the same. Folks, Jesus doesn’t need the Republican party or the Democratic party to do His work. He doesn’t need any political party.
So, if we were right with the Lord, His words would not only be on our lips but His love and obedience would be in our hearts.
We need to evaluate our lives. Jesus said the world will know we are His disciples if we love one another.
John told us we can’t say we love God and then hate our fellow man. Today, join me and let’s ask the Lord to evaluate our hearts. The United States of America needs a Christian church not hung up on politics but share the love of their founder with a hurting nation.

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