Someone May Need You To Pick Them Up

(I write a weekly article for The Daily Tribune in Cartersville. This is my column this week.)

We have two dogs in our home; the older one is “Bella;” she’s a long-haired chihuahua. She is actually my daughter’s dog but she is staying with us for a time. The other one is “Bonnie.” We gave Bella to Sarah at Christmas, 2007. I’m not sure how you calculate dog ages but you can do the math. Bella is getting old and, she has arthritis. She and Bonnie stay in a down-stairs room when we are gone for a while and when we let them out, someone has to carry her up the stairs to go outside because of her arthritis.

Recently, Holli had let both dogs out just before bed-time. Bonnie and Bella went outside to do their business. Bella normally comes back in first and then Bonnie. So, if you haven’t seen Bella come in, when Bonnie comes in, you figure both of them are in. You close the door and head for bed. That’s what happened recently except, Bella wasn’t in. Bonnie was so, we assumed both were in.

Our grandson was with us so Holli was sleeping with him in his room. As I closed the door, I heard a dog bark. I thought it was the neighbor’s dog so I went on to the bedroom.

Then, I heard a dog bark again… again I thought it was the neighbor’s dog. And again I ignored it and went to brush my teeth.

Then, I heard a third bark. So, I went outside, turned the lights on and sure enough, Bella was at the bottom of the steps to the deck. I picked her up and carried her in the house. I was surprised because my wife is normally VERY conscientious of the dogs but somehow even she was fooled.

As I thought about Bella, she needed someone to pick her up. There wasn’t but three steps onto the deck… Just three… But she couldn’t come up them… because of her arthritis.

As I picked her up, I thought, “I wonder how many people there are who need someone to pick them up?”

We all need someone to pick us up at times. We all, at times, go through times in life when we can’t get up the steps. We just can’t do it. We need someone to pick us up.

Back in 2010, my Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and his health was rapidly declining. I drove home (Kentwood, LA) to go with Mom to one of Daddy’s doctor’s appointments. We went into an examination room and Daddy had to go to the bath-room so I walked with him. He tried to un-zip his jeans but he couldn’t… After a few tries he said, “Gregg, help me out..” At one time, Daddy was a bull of a man. But then, he didn’t have enough strength to move a zipper. He needed someone to pick him up.

The apostle Paul said “Bear one another’s burdens…” (Gal. 6:2).

You may know someone who is carrying a burden. Someone who is burdened-down… and they need you to help them “…bear their burdens.”

You may know someone who needs you to pick them up. Maybe they need a word of encouragement. Maybe they need a little money. Maybe they need some help with a project. Whatever it is, help them out.

Recently, the Lord used some people in our lives to help pick us up. Their kindness was a blessing to us. This week, look around… is there someone that needs you to pick them up?

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