“There Must Be A Saturday Night Before There Can Be A Sunday Morning”

Before anyone becomes a Christian, they must realize they need Christ. Someone has expressed it this way; “You have to get someone lost before you can save them.” That expression is referring to conviction of sin. A person has to be convicted of their sin before they see the need to ask for forgiveness.

In the Ken Burns series on country music they talk about the fact that many people would go “honky tonking” on Saturday night and then, go to church on Sunday morning to ask forgiveness of their sins. Talking about this, one artist said, “There has to be a Saturday night, before there can be a Sunday morning.”

He is referring to conviction of sin. On Saturday night, many would drink and party and on Sunday morning, they went to church for forgiveness.

It would be best if a Christian did not blow it out on Saturday night but, thank the Lord, there is forgiveness when we make mistakes.

It may be that you have messed up. You have slipped and perhaps you think there is no hope. But there is. That hope is found in Jesus. He forgives us from our Saturday nights.

On the Saturday night’s of our lives, our humanity shows. We say something we shouldn’t say. We sin…we make mistakes…we wake up Sunday mornings and many have a hang-over from Saturday nights. We have slipped…..again.

So we go to church…looking for hope and forgiveness…And we find it in the person of Jesus.

Now, once we give our lives to Christ, the Saturday nights need to stop but, when we do slip, Jesus forgives and forgives and forgives…

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