“There Ain’t No Hope For Me, Minnie” said Hank Williams

I’ve been watching the Ken Burns series on Country Music. Last night, one of the things it covered was the life and career of Hank Williams. He is one of the greatest country artists in history.

While he was a great musician, he struggled with the demon of alcohol. His struggle was so great that once, He did a show and had to wait to do a second show. Minnie Pearl was asked to stay with him to make sure he did the second show.

At one point, Minnie Pearl started singing to him one of his hit songs, “I Saw The Light.” Hearing the song, but feeling there was no hope, Williams said, “There ain’t no light for me, Winnie.”

“There ain’t no light for me…” Williams struggle with alcohol was so great, he couldn’t see the light he had written about. Many people are like Hank Williams – they think there is no light for them.

Someone reading this may feel that way – that there is no light for them…no hope for them. But there is. There is hope for everyone. And there was hope for Hank Williams although he didn’t think there was.

The fact that there is Hope doesn’t mean that our struggles will go away. But it does mean that God will help us.

Whatever you are dealing with, God promises to be with us. Again, I’m not saying your problems will go away…but God will give us strength to face them.

The song that Minnie Pearl sang for Hank…”I Saw The Light”… Hank write it in the back seat of his car. His mother was in the front seat and saw the lights of the Montgomery airport….Hank took those words and within a few minutes wrote,

“I wondered so aimless life filled with sin.

I wouldn’t let my dear Savior in.

Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night.

Praise the Lord I saw the light!”

You and I can find hope in Jesus. Hank’s problems didn’t go away…but the glimmer of light on the horizon gave him a little hope. The same is true for us.

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