Don’t Let Satan Fool You!

The caricature of Satan is someone in red with pointed ears and a pitchfork. I don’t know where that image originated but it’s wrong. Satan is crafty and wouldn’t call attention to Himself. He wants to appear incognito.

Paul says in II Corinthians 11 that Satan disguises Himself as “an angel of light.” Think about that; Satan appears in a way that makes us think he is an angel of light.

He tempts someone to drown their sorrows in alcohol…he doesn’t tell that person that it can destroy his health or his family.

He tempts the teen-ager to have pre-marital sex…after all…everyone is doing it.

He tempts the man or woman to have an extra-marital affair…no one will know!

He tempts the employee to take some money so they can pay some bills.

The list could go on and on.

You and I have to know that Satan is crafty…he disguises Himself. He makes us think he is our friend but in reality, he’s trying to destroy us.

Friend, temptation is real & powerful. Satan is powerful but Satan isn’t ALL powerful. Jesus has ALL power and is able to help us defeat Satan.

The first step is recognizing that he is deceptive and crafty. He disguises Himself as an angel of light. Don’t let Satan fool you.

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