Wash Away Every Stain Of Inequity

Have you ever dropped something or spilled something on a shirt or a pair of pants? You put the shirt or slacks in the wash…before you do you may spray some stain remover on it. You put it in the wash and hope it comes clean.

When the wash is finished, you get the clothes out and you look for the one with the spot. You examine it and….most of it came out but there is still a stain. So, you try one more time…you put something on it that everyone says works on even the toughest stains. You close the door for the washer and hope for the best. The wash is finished and….the stain is still there.

Most of the spot is gone….MOST of it…but there is still a stain. The shirt or pants are ruined.

There are times when stains won’t come out but, thank the Lord the stain of our sin does. We are all sinners…but we may feel there are certain sins that we aren’t sure can be forgiven. But, the Bible says not only are all our sins forgiven but, even the stain is gone.

Psalms 51:1 says, “Because of your great compassion, blot out the stain of my sins.”

The Psalmist asked the Lord to blot our every stain of our sins….And the Lord does.

The stain of lying? Gone!

The stain of gossip? Gone!

The stain of drug or alcohol addiction? Gone!

The stain of adultery? Gone!

The stain of greed or pride? Gone!

The blood of Jesus is applied to our sin and it gets every stain!

Give thanks to the Lord for washing away every spot and stain of iniquity.

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