“I remember when Bro. So & so was here. The church was packed!”

Or, “do you remember when we used to do it this way? I miss those days.”

Both of those statements represent someone longing for “the good ‘ole days.” And, there is nothin wrong with reminiscing some. There is nothing wrong with letting some good memories from the past warm your heart. But, there is something wrong if that’s all we want to do. Folks, “the good ‘ole days are gone.” And, as one man said, they may not have been as good as we want to remember.”

The “good ‘ole days represent the past and the past is gone.

Ecclesiastes 7:10 says, “Don’t long for the good old days, This is not wise.”

I’ve known people who do nothing but long for the past. That’s all they talk about. They constantly talk about a former Pastor or some other former staff member. Or, they talk about how much life has changed and they would refer to back to the way things used to be.

But we can’t. Life doesn’t work that way. The “good ‘ole days” may have seemed to be great but, they are gone.

Years ago I went through a time of wanting to go back to a particular area and Pastor again. I remembered those years fondly and I wanted to recreate them. A church from that area contacted me. I went to eat with the committee and Holli and I visited the church. As I began to pray about this church I had to realize that I was trying to recreate the “good ‘ole days.” But those days were gone and I needed to move on.

What about you? Do you dwell on the past. Dwelling on the past can cause us to miss the blessings of the present.

The apostle Paul said, “This one thing I do; forgetting what lies behind, we press on toward the goal to win the prize of God….” (Phil. 4:13-14).

If you have a tendency to dwell in the past, today, you need to move forward. The past is done. Mother Teresa once said, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have today. Let us begin.”

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