“Conflicts without and fears within…”

That’s how the apostle Paul described his condition when he reached Macedonia. He said, “…we were afflicted on every side…conflicts without and fears within.” But, Paul adds, “…God who comforts the depressed comforted us by the coming of Titus.”

So, Paul was going through adversity and God comforted him when he saw Titus.

All of us have gone through some adversity. Maybe you could say, “I’ve had conflicts without and fears within…”. And when we do, God comforts us. One of the ways is through the presence of friends.

If you have “conflicts without and trials within” God will be with you. God will comfort you. It may be through reading God’s word. It may be through music or a friend.

And, God may want to use you to comfort someone else. If God has out someone on your heart, you need to reach out to them. God may want you to minister to them.

God loves us and promises to be with us.

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