“Do You Believe In A Higher Power?”

Do you believe in a higher power, Mr. Bohannon?”

“Yes sir, it’s right here on my hip (pointing to his pistol).”

Several years ago, Holli and I started watching “Hell on Wheels.” It was a series about life in a camp called “Hell on Wheels” where people working on building a railroad lived. “Hell on Wheels” was a tough place to live.

The star of the show was a character named “Colen Bohannon.” Bohannon was tough. He was on a train with others headed to “Hell on Wheels” when he made the comment above.

Bohannon was a tough guy. I liked his character. But, he was wrong in his thoughts about a higher power. A higher power is not a pistol strapped around our waist. Jehovah God is the only higher power that exists.

But there are people who don’t believe in God. But why doesn’t someone believe in God? Some will point to the pain and suffering in the world and say, “there must not be a God or there wouldn’t be all this pain and suffering in the world.” We live in a fallen world where pain and suffering exists but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a God.

Some what a scientific formula to prove God exists. They believe in “cause and affect” meaning everything that exists had to have a beginning place.” But God has no beginning point. God has always existed.

But, I look at creation and I see the handiwork of God. I look at a newborn baby and I see the handiwork of God. I see the change in a persons life and I see the handiwork of God.

So, do I believe in a higher power? Yes! And it’s not a pistol strapped on my waist. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God.” God exists and God loves us and cares for us. God sent His Son to die for our sins. We should trust Him!

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