A Word Of Promise And Hope


Everyone of us needs hope.

When money is tight, we need hope.

When we have lost a job, we need hope.

If we go through a divorce, we need hope.

If we are struggling with an addiction, we need hope.

Psalms 37:25 says, “Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned

 or their children begging for bread.”

This is a verse of hope.

The Psalmist thinks back over his life….”Once I was young but now I am old…”. In his mind, he surveys his life. He goes back to the days of his youth and scans the years until the present….And as he does an overview of his life he can see that God has always taken care of him.

He says, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or his children begging bread.”

Now that verse doesn’t mean that we won’t face adversity. It doesn’t mean that there will always be an abundance. But it does mean that the Lord will take care of our needs. It is a verse of promise and hope.

Maybe you need a word of hope today. Maybe money is tight…or you are hurting. God is aware of our hurt and needs. God loves us.

Now you may say, “Ok, I hear you but, I am not hearing from God. I feel God is ignoring me…not listening to me.”

I hear you and I understand. I have had those same feelings at times. But, God does hear us. God does care. When things are tough, we cling to the promises of God.

The flip side of this is, God may want us to be a person of hope to someone. Maybe today someone is clinging to this promise…someone is believing God will take care of them.. maybe God wants you to be an answer to their prayers.

“I have been young and now I am old but I’ve not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging bread.” A word of promise and hope.

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