God’s Gifted Program

When we lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Sarah has a friend who was in the gifted program at school. The program was also referred to as “wings.” To be in “wings” or the “gifted” program, you had to score very well on tests. Obviously there were lots of students who didn’t meet the criteria for the “gifted” program.

But, the Bible says that everyone is gifted. In I Corinthians 12, Paul talked about various gifts that were given by the Lord. Those gifts are known as spiritual gifts. Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift.

The purpose of the gifts was to build up the body of Christ. The gifts were not intended for a person to show off their gift or become arrogant. The gifts come from the Lord so, we have nothing to boast about.

But, every person has at least one. So, every Christian is in the gifted program – God’s gifted program. There may be times when you feel you are worthless….no good…perhaps Satan has even suggested that you are a “loser;”. You aren’t.

Everyone is worthy. Everyone is gifted. God wants you to use your gifts for His glory. You are a gifted child of God!

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