Jesus Will Forgive Us Of All Our Sins

Is there any sin that God won’t forgive?
Perhaps you have had that thought at some point. Maybe you have thought, “Oh, I HOPE will forgive me” or, “I’m not so sure God will forgive that one.”
Why do we think that way? I think it’s because some sin seems worse than others. That is not true… sin is sin in God’s eyes but, some sin seems worse.
Or, maybe this idea comes out of the legal system. Different crimes come with different punishments so maybe we think different sins comes with different punishments.
For whatever reason, we can think that God won’t forgive certain sins. But He does. In Psalms 32:1 David says, “Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight!”
David has experienced forgiveness of sin and he expresses the sheer joy one receives when their sins are forgiven. David had committed adultery but, God had forgiven him.
Today, you can be forgiven. Whatever your sin is, God will forgive. You can have the same joy that David had… you can experience the peace of knowing your sin is forgiven… if you will confess your sin to the Lord. God will forgive you!
Randy Alcorn has said, “No matter what you’ve done, there is no sin beyond the reach of God’s grace once you have accepted Christ’s offer of forgiveness.”

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