“My Times Are In Thy Hands”

Uncertainty bothers us. Most of us would like to know what the future holds. Oh, we may, at times… briefly… be ok not knowing the future but most of the time, we would prefer to have an idea of what the future holds. Maybe that grows out of our desire for security.
We would like to know we have job security.. we would like to feel we are setting aside enough money for retirement… we would like to live in a house that we feel will be adequate for our future. But, there are times when we simply do not know long-term plans and that can bother us.
In Psalm 31, David was facing some enemies. In verse one he says, “In You, O Lord, I have taken refuge… In your righteousness deliver me…” David is stating his faith and trust in God. In verse three, David adds, “Be to me a rock of strength… a stronghold to save me…”
Then in verses fourteen and fifteen David says, “But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord, I say, ‘You are my God… My times are in your hand.'” Those are two of my favorite verses in the Bible… “My times are in your hand.”
We do not always know the future… and that may be where you are… you would like to know it but you don’t. You aren’t certain about your job… there is the possibility that your company will experience lay-offs… could that mean losing your job? This concerns you…
But, although we want to know, we will not always know the future… and it’s because the Christian must live by faith. You are likely familiar with the lyrics from an old song; “I don’t know who holds tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand.”
So, what do you do if you aren’t sure about the future? You do all you can to prepare as much as you can and then, you leave it with the Lord. You trust the Lord and at times, that is easier said than done. I know… I’ve been there… we are sort of there now.
Like David we can and should pray, “My times are in Thy hand,” and, if our times are in the hands of the Lord, they couldn’t be in better hands.

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