Leading Technologically – We Need Spiritual Renewal.

Last night, a man came in the store and he paid by putting his watch close to the card reader. I LOVE technology and I admit I was impressed. As I thought about what I had just seen, I thought “We can pay for clothes using our watches….we have advanced technology but, I think most would agree, we have declined spiritually.

Just think about last weekend; there were two mass shootings – one in Ohio and one in El Paso – in a land where we are technologically advanced.

The other night, a man told me he has “RING” set up at his house and he has camera’s around his house and he can all of this in his phone – we are technologically advanced – but, we have declined spiritually.

In Ezra 9:2-3, the people of Israel had returned home. They had been told they were NOT to inter-marry with the pagan people. And what did they do? They inter-married with these people. When Ezra heard about it, he pulled some hair out of his head and mourned. He fasted and prayed because it bothered him so much.

As I read that I thought, “Does our sin bother us?” The answer is “not as much as it should.”

Ok, this is going to be stern – God’s people have become like unbelievers. We miss church for any and every reason. We use profanity, not occasionally but regularly, we watch things at the movies and on tv that we shouldn’t watch. I believe strongly in grace but, Grace doesn’t give us a license to sin.

As Christians , we should be honest – we should not gossip or curse – we should worship our Lord – we should be givers – we should be like our Lord – filled with mercy. If we are living with someone in a sexual relationship, we should get married or get out.

We are the people of God – Jehovah God, that is. We are to live holy lives.

Are we perfect? No, but it should bother us when we sin!

Ezra was so bothered by Israel’s sin that he wept ..we should too. We shouldn’t glory in our sin …”Man…I was wasted!” …but we should repent of our sin.

We are leading technologically…we need a spiritual revival.

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