Is There Someone You Need To Pick Butter Beans With?

We live in a very busy, 24/7/365 world. Lots of people are going all the time. Maybe you fall into that category.
At times, if we are in a particularly busy season of life, there is nothing we can do but go hard for a time. During those times, we may not spend much time with our family or friends. But, that kind of pace shouldn’t last forever. We should MAKE time, if necessary for family and friends.
Several years ago, I was visiting with a Preacher friend of mine I think, on a Wednesday… which meant we each had Wednesday night services at our respective churches that night. This was during the summer when gardens were coming in. My friend said, “I’m not going to be here tonight; I’m going to pick butter beans with my Dad.” Then he added, “I was talking with may Dad recently and he said, “Son, you don’t ever come pick butter beans with me. Why don’t you come pick butter beans with me.” So, my friend was going to pick butter beans with his Dad. He was missing a Wednesday night service to do it.
Now, his Dad lived a couple of hours away. So, he was making a pretty good drive. And, someone might say, “You can get butter beans anywhere… he probably had some church members who would give him some” and, you are right, he could and could have. But the purpose of the visit was not to pick butter beans – it was to spend time with his Dad. They just happened to be picking butter beans.
This reminds us of how important relationships are. I encourage you to make time for your family and friends. There will always be something that needs doing in the office. There will always be another client to contact… but at times, you need to set that aside and do what’s most important, and spend time with your family and friends.
Someone has observed that no one, on their death bed, ever said, “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”
Is there someone you need to pick butter beans with today?

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