Having The Mind Of Christ

This world has billions of people. But, although there are billions, there are actually just three kinds of people. Those are: spiritual, carnal and natural. The apostle Paul talked about these in I Corinthians 2. Then, Paul said to those who were Christians and spiritual people,

“But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.”

“The mind of Christ” – think about that. What did Paul mean by that phrase?

When a person has “the mind of Christ,” they think like Christ. They act like Christ. So what does a person look like who has the mind of Christ?

They are giving. Jesus Christ was the supreme example in giving – He gave His life. When a person has the mind of Christ, they are a giving person.

They are involved in service. Jesus whole life was marked by service. If a person is a believer, they will be marked by service.

They have a sacrificial spirit. Jesus made the supreme sacrifice when He gave His life. A sacrificial spirit leads us to give up our Sunday School class if another group needs it. We are willing to attend another service to make room for others. We don’t think about the church messing up “our schedule”…we are willing to sacrifice to reach others.

The “mind of Christ” is a life filled with the Spirit of God and led

by the Spirit of God.

Today, do you have the mind of Christ? If not, you can if you trust Christ as your Savior and are led by the Spirit of God.

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