Let God Use You To Encourage Someone


The word means to put courage into someone. To help them face their fears. To help them try something new. To lift them up when they have fallen. All of us need encouragement at times.

In II Chronicles 32, the Bible says the king of Assyria was threatening to attack and siege Jerusalem. Hezekiah was King and he led his people to prepare for battle. Well Sennecharib heard about Hezekiah’s preparation and he sent a message intended to discourage the people. Hearing this, Hezekiah said to the people, “Be strong and courageous…our God is bigger than their might army.” And Hezekiah was right; God is bigger and God sent an angel to destroy the Assyrian army.

Maybe you need encouragement today. Or, maybe God wants you to encourage someone. Just like Hezekiah, God may use your words to encourage someone today.

Several years ago, I had just gotten into car sales and I was struggling. At that time, I was working at Hardy Ford in Dallas, Ga. there are three dealerships there: Ford, Pre-owned & Chevrolet-GMC. One morning a manager from the Chevy-GMC store dropped by to see me. He said he had heard I was struggling some and wanted to encourage me. Now, full disclosure – I didn’t make it. I didn’t sell enough but, on that day, at that time, he encouraged me. Maybe the Lord wants you to encourage someone today.

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