Sweeping Around Our Own Doorstep

Imagine that a man or woman are sweeping off the front porch or entrance to their house. As they sweep, they notice their neighbor’s porch or entrance to their home. There are some things there that they feeel should be moved. So they start thinking, “That is terrible! They should clean off their porch or house entrance!” Never mind that our accusatory friend has things on their porch or house entrance as well. Even though they do, they feel the need to tell others to clean up their porch…
Yes, you have an idea where this is going…our accusing friend needs to sweep around their own door-step.
In Romans 14:10, Paul said, “So why do you condemn another believer? Why do you look down on another believer? Remember, we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.”
Criticizing others is something we often have a problem with. As opposed to taking care ofnour own problems, we think we should police the world.
Why does someone do this? Think about it; why does a person feel like they criticize others? At times, maybe some correction is needed. At times, maybe aomething shoild be said. But not as often as we do. When a person has a problem with this, it goes back to pride. They think they have all the answers and everyone else is wrong. But Paul says everyone will stand before the Lord.
So, let’s sweep around our door-step first and let the Lord take care of our neighbor.

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