Warning Signs

Warning Signs – continued…
Yesterday, my post was on warning signs…. As Louisiana residents brace for Hurricane Barry, “hurricane warning” signs have been put up along the coast. These warning signs are intended to warn residents to evacuate.
Last night, I thought of warning signs that maybe we have overlooked in our day. America is still the the greatest nation on the face of the earth. But, there is no doubt, some things have happened in our nation that should concern us all… There are warning signs, I believe we have overlooked.
First, the warning sign of lack of responsibility. On the job… in the school… in our nation’s capital… in our state capital’s, few people seem willing to take responsibility for mistakes. Instead, the popular things to do is point fingers. This should be a warning sign for us all. Pointing fingers doesn’t solve a problem… We need to put our fingers down, roll up our sleeves and get busy coming up with solutions to problems.
Second, parents need to understand that they are a child’s parent first, and their friend second. Lots of parents today grew up during a time in which parents didn’t verbally say “I love you” or “I’m proud of you,” very much. I’m not suggesting that was right but, that’s the way it was. So, the generation of parents today have made it a priority to make sure their child knows they love them… and in some cases… to be their friend…. because they didn’t get that growing up. Mom and Dad… you brought that child into the world. Your first responsibility is to be that child’s parent… and you are going to have a difficult time doing that if your top priority is being their friend.
Third, the increase in profanity. Profanity has always been around… but it seems that, in our day, especially the use of the “F” bomb has increased. I know it’s always been used some but never in public as it is today. When I substitute teach, I hear teen-agers using it. Where did they hear it from? The home… Mom and Dad have used that word around them. Folks, we need to clean up our tongues. And, just because it’s become more acceptable to say doesn’t make it right.
Fourth, mis-placed priorities. I’m speaking primarily to Christians here. Christian, you and I are followers of Christ. He is, or should be, our top priority. This means weekly worship should be important. I do not understand how Christian young couples can justify spending lots of Sunday mornings on the ball-field instead of having their family in worship. Now, someone will say, “Well, we have a devotional in the hotel before the game.” That may be ok a few times but it shouldn’t be consistent. Christians need to gather for worship and anything that keeps us from doing that has become our God.
Fifth, parents letting children make decisions… At times, I’ve had Parents say, “Well, we asked the kids what they wanted to do and they chose this.” There are times, when that may be appropriate, but Lord have mercy, parents, YOU are the adults. I grew up on a dairy farm… we often got up at 3:30. I don’t once remember my Daddy coming in and asking, “Gregg, do you want to go to the barn?” No.. it was “Gregg, get up, it’s time to go to the barn.” I wasn’t given an option… and neither should kids today. Parents, you are the adult… you should make the decisions.
Warning signs… these things and others represent things that we should change our behavior in. There is an old saying that, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.” Maybe you need to be willing to speak up and remind us, of the warning sign we may be overlooking.

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