“I Know How To Be A Friend”

“The only thing I know how to do is be a friend.”
That quote came from Terry Francona, current manager of the Cleveland Indians.
Last night, I watched a few innings of the MLB All-star game. Terry Francona was helping coach the AL team. But, prior to managing the Indians, he was manager of the Boston Red Sox.
As I saw Francona last night, I remembered a story I read about him a few years back. Francona was friends with John Farrell. John Farrell was diagnosed with cancer and was about to begin treatment.
On the day Farrell was to get his first treatment, the Indians just happened to be in town. So, Terry Francona went with his friend, John Farrell, to get his first treatment.
Francona said, “We were just talking and I was just asking questions and the normal questions and he mentioned that he was going to start Tuesday. I was like, man, I’m right there. I’ll meet you there, I’ll go with you, whatever…”
Then, Francona added, “I may not do anything but get in the way like normal. But being a friend… the only thing I know how to do is be a friend.”
“The only thing i know how to do is be friend.”
I LOVE that quote. We need a lot more people who only know how to be a friend.      Proverbs 18:24 says, “…a real friend sticks closer than a brother.”
Maybe you need to reach out to someone who is your friend and tell them you appreciate them. Maybe you need to be a friend to someone. Being a friend doesn’t always mean saying something. At times, being a friend means just being there. Someone has said “A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out.”
Today, be a friend to someone…

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