The Negative Impact Of Social Media And The Need To Control It

Social media…
I remember getting on board Facebook and Twitter shortly after both were available.        At first, I was pretty active on social media. I made lots of posts. Recently, I’ve reduced my activity some. I try to post a devotional thought in the mornings and then, I may post some quotes or another post later in the day. But, I don’t post as much as I did. And the reason? Well, social media has begun to have a negative impact on me. Quite frankly; I don’t like reading… at times… the trash that’s on there. I get tired of people being called “losers,” or “morons,” or “idiots.” I mean, it’s all good Christian stuff. And yes, I’m being sarcastic.
As I’ve thought about this, our social media page is basically a reflection of us. Whatever is important to us or whatever we believe in has a tendency to make it to our page. But in addition to that, there are posts that get copied onto pages that at times, are absolutely false but, no one bothers to check it out. I mean, “It’s on the internet so, it must be true,” or so we tend to think.
Social media can be a good thing… but it can also be bad. Before social media, we had our thoughts but, we had no way to make them public for the whole world to see. Now, ANYONE can get a social media account and the entire world can know our thoughts, good or bad.
With that in mind, Christians, I’m speaking to us. We are supposed to be Godly people. We are suppose to be careful about what we say or post. But when you look at the posts on social media that are often from the pages of Christians, well… we aren’t doing real good on the guarding the tongue thing.
A few months ago, Holli, Sarah and I went to NYC to visit Will. As we walked down the street to his hotel I was amazed at the huge video boards on the buildings. They are HUGE! But, they have to be huge, to get the attention of people. Now, Christian, imagine that one of those huge video-boards is planted in our front yard. Imagine that everything we post on social media goes to that billboard. Everyone in the world can see our page… every negative post… every hateful post… every post making fun of someone… Everything we think and post… it’s there…
And that’s just a few. We might attend church and then, get on the internet and complain about the length of the service. If we do, we are REALLY doing a good job trying to encourage people to attend church.
We might even question if someone is saved IF they don’t share our beliefs… as if we are God.
Christians, we need to stop and think about what we are posting. Does it need to be there? Ok, let’s go one step farther… I know that social media now gives us the opportunity for the world to know what we think. But, does the world NEED to know what we think?
In the past, I’ve been too critical of Coaches… specifically LSU Coaches… Les Miles and Paul Maineiri and that will stop. Les has gone so it’s Coach Orgeron now. 🙂
I’ve been critical of Donald Trump and I still don’t agree with a lot of what he says and some of what he does but, I’ve been convicted that if I post something about that, I better have gotten a clear word from Jesus to do it.
This world has WAY too much negative in it. WAY too much. And social media is fueling some of it if not a lot of it.
Christians… Republicans… Democrats… y’all are not enemies.. I say “y’all” because I don’t really identify with either. Neither party is going to save America. We badly need to STOP blasting one another… cursing one another… pointing fingers at one another and get on our knees and ask the good Lord of heaven to help us.
The apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:29, “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth but only such a word as is good for edification…” Let’s let that verse be our guide in what we say and what we post.


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