How Christians Are To Live In A Post-Christian Era

On 1776, delegates from the original thirteen colonies met in Philadelphia. As the meeting concluded, delegates voted to sign a Declaration of Independence against Great Britain. Today, we celebrate the freedom we enjoy as Americans.
America has changed. We are now living in a post-Christian era in America. This means that Biblical values do not shape our country like they once did. So, how should Christians live in this time?
Jesus said we are to be “the salt of the earth and light of the world” (Matt. 5). What does that mean? Salt was used as a preservative; it kept food from spoiling. In the same way, Christians are to be a preaervative. We live in a very secular nation. Christian values are not followed like they once were. We live in a very diverse time. So what do we do?
Do we throw stones at the world? Nope, that doesnt solve anything.
Do we pound people with the Bible? My life is based on the Bible but I’m not going to pound someone with it.
We are to live as Christ would. We should stand on our values. But, we do it in love. If nothing else, Christians are to be marked by love.
We should be honest – trustworthy – caring – giving.
I used this quote yesterday but it’s good enough to repeat; it was said of Tony Robicheaux, former Head Coach of ULL baseball, “In a world of bad people, he was a good guy.”
That should be our goal – in a world of dishonesty – yelling – and selfishness, we ahould be good people. Join me today as we strive to be “the salt of the earth and light of the world.”

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