The Death Of Tyler Skaggs

I never met Tyler Skaggs. But because he was a MLB pitcher, I am pretty sure he was not overweight and was in great shape. He was 27. He had his life in front of him. And, because he was a MLB pitcher, I am also sure He made enough money to do just about whatever he wanted to do.

But today, Tyler is gone. He passed away. He leaves a team of friends and his family, grieving.

From the first time I heard of his death, I’ve wondered if Tyler was a Christian because when our life is about to end, that’s really all that matters.

This post is NOT about religion…it’s about a relationship with Jesus. I wish I knew if he were a believer. This morning as I watched Tyler’s team-mates grieving, I wish I could be a chaplain to that team. Not to pound them with the Bible but to simply share with them the love of Jesus. Those young athletes are thinking about life and death right now.

Years ago, when Bobby Bowden was head coach of the Florida State Seminoles, a young offensive-lineman makes Pablo died. Coach Bowden called the team together. He then shared the plan of salvation. He pointed to an empty seat and said Pablo would normally be seated there.

Then he said, “Men, if that were you that died, would you be ready?”

After that team meeting, a young Coach on the Seminole staff went into Coach Bowden’s office. He said, “Coach, if that had been me that led, I wouldn’t have been ready.” Then and there, Bobby Bowden led that young Coach to the Lord. That young Coach, was Mark Richt who would go on to be the Head Coach at UGA.

What about you? Would you be ready? If not, I encourage you today, to pray and invite Christ into your life. If you need help, feel free to Direct Message me and I will help you.

Tyler Skaggs death has rocked MLB. Pray that the Lord May use it to lead some MLB players to the Lord.

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