What You Are Looking For May Be Right In Front Of You

I enjoy reading and every day, I have two papers delivered; the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Cartersville, Daily Tribune. But last week, one morning I didn’t see the AJC.
“Ok, I thought, delivery guy just made a mistake; no big deal.”
The next morning, the Daily Tribune was there but no AJC…
The next morning… same thing… so I decided to call customer service. I gave them my street address and told them I hadn’t gotten a paper in three days. The lady promised to pass my complain along.
The next day, a lady called from the Daily Tribune to make sure I was getting my paper. I was and then she said something about the AJC. I said, “Wait a minute… do y’all deliver the AJC to?”
She replied, “Yes sir, we deliver them both.”
I had picked the Daily Tribune up a few days but hadn’t read it yet so they were still in the bag.
“Ok,” I thought… So, the next morning, I picked up the paper bag and yes, there wasn’t one paper in there… the AJC was in there as well. So, for several days I was thinking my paper hadn’t come when it was in the bag all the time.
I thought I was missing a paper.. I even called the AJC to let them know… but the paper was there the whole time. So, my paper was there.. I was just overlooking it.
Are you looking for something that is right in front of you?
At times, someone may say, “I want out of my marriage… I’m just not happy anymore. I want a divorce.”
Or, someone may think, “I need a new job. I believe I would be happier with a new job.”
Or, someone may think, “We need to move to a different area. I believe a change of scenery would make me happy.”
Or, someone may think, “I’m tired of this church… I believe a new church would make happy.”
It may be that you have said or thought some of those things. That statement grows out of the “grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome.
You may looking for something that’s right in front of you. Maybe your marriage would get better if you just made some changes. Maybe your church or your job would get better if you just changed your attitude.
Simply put; If you don’t like something… it may be that your attitude is the problem… not the job or the church or the marriage.
There is an old story about a man who was moving from . one town to the other. As he drove to the new town, he met a guy and asked him for directions. Then, he asked the man, “What kind of people live there?”
The man said, “Well, what kind of people live in your old town?”
The man told him and the guy replied, “Those same type of people live in the new town. Then the man said, “I’ve found that the same type of people live in all towns… it’s a matter of what we are looking for.
Maybe you need to realize that what you have is ok… It may be right in front of you… like my paper… but you are overlooking it.

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