We Are Always Welcome In Church

Friday night, I was scanning channels looking for something to watch. There wasn’t much I was interested in so I selected the Christmas movie “Home Alone.” Yeah, I know it’s June and it’s hot but, I like the music on “Home Alone” and since nothing else looked appealing, I selected it.
You know the story… Kevin (McCauley Culkin) get’s left by his family during Christmas. They are flying to France for Christmas. Kevin over-sleeps… the family over-sleeps.. and in the confusion, Kevin gets left… “Home Alone.” Then, two robbers attempt to rob his house but Kevin comes up with some “creative ways” to defend himself and his house.
In one scene, Kevin is in church. He’s sitting beside a man whom he often sees but the man scares him. The elderly man beings talking with Kevin and somehow, the subject of relationships come up. The elderly man mentions that he has a son but that he’s not welcome there…”
Kevin misunderstands and asks, “You are not welcome in church?”
The elderly man says, “No – you are always welcome in church.”
He’s right and you should be. It doesn’t matter what anyone has done… every human-being should be welcome in church. Why? Because church is the place where the people of God meet for worship. The God we worship loves everyone… He sent His Son to die for everyone… God loves and welcomes everyone.
There is an old saying that expresses this; “Church is not a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners.”
Every person, regardless of color or creed or sexual status is welcome in God’s house… because it is a place of grace. That doesn’t mean God is pleased with all of us… we are all sinners saved by grace…. But God loves us and welcomes us into His loving arms.

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