“Football Jesus”

I work in a big and tall store in Kennessaw. Yesterday a man came in to shop and we began to chat.
I asked him where he was from?
He replied, “Birmingham.”
I replied, “Roll Tide”… hey… I’m trying to sell clothes so if “Roll Tide” helps me make a sale, I will do it. 🙂
He replied, “Roll Tide…”
He then added, that he went to school at ‘Bama. He told me when he was there and I said, “You were there right after Bear Bryant died and y’all went through a string of coaches.”
He replied, “Yeah… we Ray Perkins, Mike Dubose… Coach Shula’s son…”
And then he added, “then, we got Football Jesus.”
I knew who he was talking about I thought it was funny. I said, “I’ve never heard Saban referred to as ‘Football Jesus.'”
The guy finished checking out and left the store. As he did I thought about his “football Jesus” comment. I understand why he said it… Saban is probably the best college coach in America and one of the greatest in the history of college football. But… “football Jesus?”
I know what the guy meant… he was saying that Saban is like Jesus to football… he’s the greatest… And he is good.
But Jesus isn’t rivaled by anyone. Jesus is the greatest… most loving person that ever lived.
There is nothing or no one who comes close to Jesus. Paul said, “at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Phil. 2:9).
Put Jesus first today… He has no rival.

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