Our Love Language

This morning, as I walked into Real Fitness Gym in Cartersville, one of the ladies was showing the owner her new tennis shoes. As she did she said, “That’s the way he (her husband) shows me he loves me; he buys me things.” Has I listened to her, I immediately thought of the book “The Five Love Languages.” I asked her if she was familiar with the book “Five Love Languages?” She smiled and said she was.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the book, it teaches that every person has a “love” language and, a key to healthy relationships is knowing the love language of your spouse and speaking to them in their love language.
For example, for many people their love language is acts of service. If you want to show them you love them, they really appreciate it when you do something to help… ie… wash the dishes, clean the house, take out the trash… etc..
There are five love languages;
1) Words of affirmation
2) Acts of service
3) Receiving gifts
4) Quality time
5) Physical touch
Every person appreciates at least one of those areas and perhaps more. The key is to know the love language of your spouse and do things for them that speaks their love language.
My wife appreciates acts of service. When I wash dishes or make up the bed or take out the trash, she appreciates those things.
Today, I encourage you to do something for your spouse in their love language. Or, for that matter, do something for anyone. You may know someone who would be encouraged by your buying their lunch or saying a word of encouragement.
After commenting on my friend’s new tennis shoes, another lady said, “My husband knows my love language but doesn’t do it.”
Then she gestured and chuckled as if to say, “I’m kidding.” But she does have a point. It doesn’t do much good to know your spouse’s love language if you don’t do anything about it.
Today, speak someone’s love language.

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